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Stairs & Staircases

Stairs & Staircases

When you build your staircase with japanese maple adds a distinctive element to the home. Whether you desire to finish your staircase with natural look or need to have stained ebony, with our quality wooden products, you can make any designs with your staircase. As discussed earlier and as a purpose of warning, the sanding stair is a dusty business, however it ensures the best result in the end.

The two different options for Stair Stripping include:

Option 1. The external part of the treads and risers are coated and sanded, whereas the middle part is to be covered eventually by the stair carpet.

Option2. The full tread and the riser are sanded and coated properly in order to be left exposed.However, bear in mind that this could turn out to be a rather cravenness stairwell.

Here, we do not tackle with banisters and usually treat these portions of the staircase.

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