Wood Flooring has many years of experience in developing, protecting, cleaning and maintaining wooden floors.">


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How to Maintain Your Wooden Floors

How to Maintain Your Wooden Floors?

Maintenance of wooden flooring is inevitable to preserve the glory and grandeur of this natural surface.


Wood Flooring has many years of experience in developing, protecting, cleaning and maintaining wooden floors. Be it for lacquered, oiled or any laminate flooring, we provide products of all brands based on your requirements.


General Guidelines

1. No maintenance or any cleaning products need to be applied till the two weeks after the wood flooring has been lacquered. Make sure you do not use water to clean your wooden flooring, other than any recommended cleaners.

2. Avoid wet-mop a wooden floor because the standing water can stain or cause damage to the wooden floor.

3. Make sure you do not ever use vinyl or any tile floor care product on this flooring as it can turn your new floor slippery and look dull.

4. Do not wait to wipe off any food material or spills that have fallen on the floor using a slightly dampened mop.

5. Place mats and keep rugs right at the doorway, exterior and interior in order to prevent the tracking of dirts and dust on the wooden flooring.

6. During the time of shifting your furniture, make sure you pick it up instead of sliding it across from one room to another in order to protect your wooden flooring.

7. It is better to keep soft plastic or any fabric under the legs of the furniture to protect the wooden flooring from scratching and hard marks.

8. Ask every individual not to walk on the wooden flooring wearing the stiletto-heeled shoes as it can cause damage to your flooring.

9. Place a rug near the sink region so that water does not fall on the ground.

10. Make sure you everyday sweep, vacuum, dust or mop your wooden floor, and always clean using the manufacturers recommended cleaners. You can recoat the wooden flooring when cleaning no longer helps restoring the shine of the floor. However, this largely counts on the high and low traffic regions.

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