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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Dusty?

Modern floor sanders come equipped with a separate dust capturing bags which minimize the dust percentage in the air. This floor sander is a special component that is used for the floor finishing process. In general, a large amount of dust releases at the time of buffing of the surface. Some dust left present from the small tools, which is used for the finishing corners and is difficult to reach areas. Yes it is a dusty job but our diligent team will do our best to minimize the dust impact.

100% Dust Free – Is It Really Possible?

Yes, we have the right solution! Our fully 100% Dust Free Service is accessible for remodeling of the floors that is larger than 20sqm and is available with the restoration equipments that we make use of. Our innovative solution makes use of a strong and robust extraction unit, having two-step cyclonic coarse and HEPA separation filters, that connects to the equipment, ensuring a clean and prompt floor sanding.

The extracted dust from the surface gets immediately captured with the use of an easy to change and well vacuum protected, polethene containers that forbids the dust to escape into the environment. Our extractor that is connected to the machine will keep no dust on the floor. Post refinishing touch the floor to observe the difference.

How Long Will It Take?

We need nearly two days. However, it may differ when it comes to flooring larger area or several rooms. Make sure that the area that is to be sanded should be free from traffic for this period. We will discuss the approximate time with you at the time of our free consultation.

Do I Need To Move The Furniture?

The area that is to be sanded is better to be cleared of all the furniture ahead of starting our service and for 36 hours post the final coat of varnish applied. In case you require help, we can certainly help you out.

Is It Noisy?

The process (knocking in nails) as well as the sanding process is very loud. The sanding machine that we make use of is endowed with the powerful electric motor and are much louder than the ordinary D.I.Y. power tools. As per the manufacturers’ recommendation, the operators need to wear powerful eye protectors’ devices. However, the application of stain and varnishing is quiet, except for those out of tune whistling.

Should I Have My Floors Sanded Before Or After I Decorate The Rest Of The Room?

We prefer to provide our service at the final stage of the interior decoration process. It is convenient to eliminate a little sanding dust and particles from the newly painted wall, than it is to remove paint from the newly made sanded floors.

Do You Use Any Harmful Chemicals or Products?

Based on your requirements, we make use of water based varnishes which is odour free and non-toxic. In case the gap filling and the staining are required, we make use of a resin based solvent that requires cautious handling. However, good ventilation is required in this process as the fume of the solvent is comparatively stronger.

What about Dust Mites?

Dust mites are considered as the very common cause of breathing, asthma and allergic symptoms. They thrive on our house carpet and underlay as they can find protection in the depth from vacuum cleaners, predators and sunlight.

Why Do You Use A Stain And A Varnish? Why Not Use A Colored Varnish?

In case you visit any local DIY super mega store, a lot of the floor varnishes are available, having color including the teak and oak. The primary advantage of this is time and convenience during the application. It ensures that with each applied coating, the color get changed and darkens. You might be guessing what the appearance might be. But to be specific, the color varnish develops wear with traffic and the color starts to be affected over the time. With this process, the seal protects the wood and color stains, ensuring complete color stay for years. When the staining stage arrives, we apply two to three different options on a smaller section of the floor for you to choose from. As a part of our service, we sand these samples off once you decide and start applying your choice.

Why Do Most Schools Use Wood Flooring?

Owing to high durability and comfort, wood flooring is basically used in schools. It is recommended that wood flooring has over the 70% durability which is recommended for sports floor market. These floors are normally softer and supple as compared to other surfaces. This flooring provides greater resistance, improved shock absorption as well as increased levels of energy, where all of these help to eliminate body fatigue and injury of the athletes.

Does Wood Flooring Provide Good Acoustics?

In churches, universities and for other clients, where the requirement of auditorium is necessary, needs wood flooring for its warm and acoustic function. Moreover, with the best professional installation techniques, the acoustic ability gets increased over the time.

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