Reclaimed floors mean recycled wooden floors. This is mainly sourced from second hand or previously owned floor rip offs, but can also include unused inventory that may have experienced certain damages or decay in long term storage, or just be made out of the trees felled for urbanization, or by natural means of storm. All in all, this process uses all things possible to NOT cut down living trees.

This is not only eco-friendly, but also economical, that makes reclaimed lumber to slowly become a self-sustained industry, wherein its producers go long distances to collect the ideal material from local as well as global sources. And not only floors, but furniture, doors and windows are made out of it.

The distressed outlook makes many people to take reclaimed lumber flooring to be same as distressed hardwood. But they are not the same, while new hardwood is “designed” to be distressed, and is treated with hand scraping or machinery, the later is naturally distressed. 

Usability Of Reclaimed Floors In Comparison To New Solid Wood Flooring

Reclaimed flooring can offer equal benefits in terms of usability as one can expect of new solid wood flooring. However, it should be taken into consideration that these floors have been through decades, and even centuries of wear and tear, and even though the “reclaiming” has given it a new life, it is still aged and distressed. So choose them wisely, its ideal to have them in exclusive low traffic areas. Moreover, repairing or marinating these floors can be expensive too, as they would need extra care and manual hand treatment.

In the wake of it, customers should be careful in selecting a trustable dealer and have ample knowledge about wood flooring, for getting the best product.

How Are Reclaimed Wood Floors Sourced

 So now that you know, imagine the owner of some ancestral house finding the century old wood floors too expensive to repair, so they sell it off. And not only floors, it can also apply for beams, frames doors, and staircases made of exotic solid wood to be sold  in quite hefty sums, that may be enough to buy new floors.

 In the meantime, the century old floor boards or planks are restored and “reclaimed” in the workshop of the buyer and is reintroduced in the market for sale. It’s almost like buying curated artwork or antique furniture.

 You can come into possession of a rare antique flooring in exotic or even non-existent wood species that is discontinued for use in commercial purposes, and yet have them in an eco-friendly way. However, you are not going to find them at regular retail stores. These are exclusive products sold by niche companies or dealers that may not be available in every city or region or even state. So if you can get possession, it’s a grand thing. The prices for reclaimed lumber products go higher than normal, because this is rare, and exotic. And usually the exact prices are quoted on request.

Things To Consider Before Investing In Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Nonetheless, there are benefits as well as responsibilities for buying reclaimed flooring. While in one hand, it makes it possible for an individual to come in possession of an exclusive product they can boast of, it also takes well and good awareness about not only the product, but also the norms of any historical, social as well as environmental impact.

 So if you are planning to invest in reclaimed wood floors, then take into consideration the above mentioned ideals, so that you can enjoy your prized possession for the long run.