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WOOD FLOORS from mature trees


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Wood Floors

Our Slogan

“Our Bespoke Wood. Your Bespoke Home.“

Our Mission

“To create beautiful wood flooring and build a hard wood forest.”

Our Philosophy

“Information, support, environment and customer service.”

Our Promise

“To assist you in finding the perfect wood floor for your space and to give back what we take out.”


Wood Floors is a hardwood flooring company that creates luxury hardwood interior and exterior elements. We are passionate about wood flooring and we view the process of building your floor as an art form to which can add to the interior design of any home.


Wood Floors was established in 1985 and is situated within Cork city, created a derivative company to offer specialised flooring. It was established as a flooring option in need for customers seeking luxurious and custom made wood options for their home.



Wood Floors’s unwavering belief is that sourcing the best hardwood and recruiting the most experienced crafts people is the only way to begin creating beautiful spaces. We create luxury hardwood interior and exterior elements including flooring, panelling, cladding, decking and parquetry. Our talented sales team focuses on providing clients with superior experiences, always striving to understand your aesthetics in order to exceed your expectations. No matter where your project is located, rest assured that we will enrich your environment with enduringly beautiful hardwood designs.


Wood Floors is comprised of dedicated craftsman to bring the forest to your floor. We have worked with wood flooring for 29 years. We cherish forestry and aim to provide a natural touch with timeless and effortless interiors for our customers. Innovation and creativity is our very foundation merging the fields of art and wood flooring. When incorporating pigmented colour into our wood finished we thoroughly and patiently creating a natural reaction within the wood itself ensuring a lasting colour life for you. Working with the grain an natural tones of the wood allows us to maintain the organic elements each tree has to offer.

We customise every single aspect of your purchase, from tree type, curvature, finishes, tone, colour, measurement, sorting and ageing. Creating a unique and individual floor every time.

We dedicate 10% of all annual profits to planting and maintaining a forest within South Cork region so we have our own trees to master and shape for your.

Send us an enquiry on our Contacts page and we will be happy to help you create your unique wood floor.

We look forward to hearing from you,


Wood Floors Team.

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