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Hardwax Parquet

Hardwax Parquet from Lamett is an extraordinary collection featuring the exclusive Imperial and Pavillion categories. Treated with hardwax oil, these are pleasant to touch and never let intense traffic damage its surface in any way. However, this is not all; there are a lot more to it. Wear-resistant top layer, resistance to temperature fluctuations and moisture are some such practicable features that help it to earn an extra edge over the usual categories. Thus, the products brought forward under this class excel not only from the perspective of appearance but also from the standpoint of usability.

These have caused hype among users and to address it Hollands Wood Floors supplies Hardwax Parquet category of Lamett, taking pride in the affordable pricing that it follows. So peruse the wide range of Hardwax Parquet flooring and select from the vivid shades that we proffer.

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