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Adding to the timeless elegance of any property or contributing to a peaceful ambience has found a new avenue. Solid Wood from Elka Flooring is the shortest possible route to a classic decor, featuring gorgeous grain patterns, shades, textures, character and demonstrating the naturalness of authentic wood. Composed of 100% natural wood, it is available in 18 mm dimension for all the enthusiastic users out there.

Hollands Wood Floors belonging to Ireland flaunts exactly this category, catering to a number of advantages. The users are sure to experience the contemporary finishes that Elka offers and benefit from the random length boards that chip in. Apart from the visual treat that this variety presents, it sure does have many interesting characteristics to take a note of. 20-year warranty and graded timbers of which it is composed of, talk a lot about its interesting features. So go ahead, start shopping now!

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