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Wood Floor Staining

Wood Floor Staining

Morrells Stains is recommended for staining wooden flooring. Each and every wooden floor is dissimilar, which defines each stain that we make use of have a slight different color other than the samples shown. We suggest you to test your chosen stain on a small area ahead of the application, in order to do the strip off the wood (removing all old stains and varnishing) and apply a small sample to the wood. After leaving it, dry it for several hours, where you can see the difference how your selected stain gets locked on your wooden floor.

Morells Light Fast Stains

This is a variety of quick drying alcohol-based stains, which is appropriate for spray, hand and dip application. The standard range consists of popular primary color and a selection of the most used wood colors. This is formulated to offer an exceptional definition and depth of color. This range is appropriate for tinting Morrells Precatalyst as well as Acid Catalyst lacquers up to the maximum of 5% by volume (AC’ should be catalysed prior to tinting.) Moreover, Morells offers a custom-made color matching your service.

Morrells Complaint Water Stains

This is a wider range of water-based stains that are suitable for hands, spray or any dip application. This standard range includes popular primary color and a better choice of the most widely used wood color. A range that formulated on the organic-metal complex dyestuffs get dissolved in water, where it complies with the VOC requirements of clause 19 of the Secretary of States Guidance Note for Wood Coating Processes PG6/33. In addition to this, Morells provide a customized color based on your matching requirement.

orrells Classique Stains

A range of fast drying solvent based stains that is suitable for spray, hand or dip application. This standard range consists of a variety of widely used wood floor color. This product is formulated to ensure excellent definition and the high depth of color. Moreover, this range is also proper for tinting Morrells Precatalyst lacquers up to a maximum of 5% by volume. 134/stains are designed for spray and wipe application and 135/stain are crafted for spray and the leave applications. Further, you can find a customized color matching with your requirements.

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