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Wood Floor Restoration

Wood Floor Restoration

The Wood Floor Restoration Process Includes

With the years of wear and tear, the wooden floor requires refurbishment service. However, you just want to restore it the proper way as it was, or take any opportunity to change its exterior feature. We have experience to retain the look of your floor perfectly. Below you can find the various steps that we use while restoring the wooden floor.

Step-1: Repairs & Restoration

The first and foremost step in the sanding process is to secure any single loose floor surface board with the use of lost head nails. It ensures uplift any split or any spoiled board and change it with the reclaimed pine.

Step-2 Option ‘A’: Gap Filling (up to 5mm)

In case you are determined to fill the gap, then this is the ultimate next step, where the gaps can be filled with the use of a mixed resin and saw dust.

Step-3 Sanding – Stripping - Buffing

We understand there are three main phases of sanding, which are required to generate a quality restored floor. However, a course grade sanding belt, stripping and finish used of a fine building.

Step-4: Staining

You can invite a fresh warm tone of the room, which is inevitable to cherish a polished and beautiful looking wooden floor. A number of test stain patches can be used to apply to the floor in order to view and opt your choice. Here staining brings a new element of ideas with the hardwood floor and we have moreover an extensive range for you in order to select your choice.

Step-5: Sealing

Whether a stain has been selected or not, the floor needs to prepare for either a lacquer or any oil finish. In case the lacquer is required, our service will provide you the application of 3 coats, whereas the oil finish requires 2 costs.

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