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Finishes and Seals

Finishes and Seals

For the purpose of finishing your wooden floors, we have ever made use of our Odour Free products and materials. For finishing your wooden floor, the brand we select for floor lacquers are Bona. Bona defines water based lacquers, delivered to ensure first-rate results on all the types of wooden flooring, regardless of species, age, use and environment. This will not only make the surface look beautiful, but also, make it durable and easy to maintain. Find out more about the sealant.

Bona Traffic

Bona Traffic is simply a two-component, waterborne, perfectly 100% polyurethane finish for the purpose of surface treatment of the timber wood floors in commercial premises or wherever there is a need for high resistance product to prevent to wear and tear is required. This product provides a clear natural appearance, giving you the best and durable protection in case the matt version is used.

  • Resistance to wear and tear.
  • Made to use in commercial areas.
  • Superb scratch, chemicals and scuff.
  • Matt finish and silk matt finish are available.
  • Includes non-yellowing surface.
  • Drying time: 3-4 hours.

Bona Mega

Bona Mega is another constituent that is waterborne and has 100% polyurethane finish for the treatment of the surface that is made of timber and is applicable in the commercial and domestic areas that is subject to heavy wear and tear. Bona Mega provides the best performance of a two-component finish without requiring other particular catalyst. It ensures all the advantages of a waterborne system, however, it still gives a deep yet rich color as similar to that of any solvent based finish.

  • It is oxygen cross linked.
  • Convenient to use.
  • It is accessible in Silk Matt, Matt Finish and Gloss finish.
  • Drying time: 2-3 hours.
  • It gives a deep and rich solvent based appearance.

Osmo Hardwax Oil

OSMO Hardwax Oil is a precision engineered product that incorporates plant oil and waxes, including just refined material spirits to allow ease of application. This is a remarkable product that offers best finish with excellent durability and renewability with its unique lustrous finish. This will never fracture,flake off or produce any blister. OSMO Hardwax Oil has open pores which enable the timber and wax to breadth. As a result, any moisture that gets through again gets back out again without giving pressure on the finish.

  • A clear and easy to maintain.
  • It gives the best impact on the satin matte floor finish.

Bona Novia

Bona Novia has set a new standard for both domestic and light commercial finishes. It is the finest solution for the modern conscious craftsman. With Bona’s unique and self sealing technology, you need no primer at all. This modern technology has made Bona Novia convenient to use and easy to apply. It is obtainable in Gloss, Matt finish and Silkmatt finish. Its impact on the wooden flooring is simply outstanding. This finish brings an even and warm tone along with the waterborne environmentally sound formula. Having an outstanding and fast resistance to scuff marks and huge resistance to household chemicals, we can term Bona Novia as the versatile product for all contemporary homes.

Bona Sportive Primer

Bona Sportive Primer is a single component where waterborne primer is used on the incomplete sports surface or any sanded back to bare timber. This would then be overcoated with the use of Bona Sportive Finish. Here the Sportive Primer is designed to adjust with the flexing of any sports floor, which will end up enhancing the natural beauty of the wooden floor.

Bona Sportive Finish

Bona Sportive Finish is highly resistant to wear and tear, and qualifies the DIN 18 032 for slip resistance.It is available in Matt and Gloss versions N.B. This finish is used with the Sportive Hardener. This product is a two-component with a 100% polyurethane finish designed that is used on wooden sports floors in the multipurpose and specialist environment.

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