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Dust-Free Sand Flooring

Dust-Free Sand Flooring

Floor Sanding Wood floor sanding is the procedure of removing the top surface of a wood floor with an abrasive material. This process of restoration will improve the surface of the floor. With the process of sanding, you can remove the protected layer of the floor, whether it is varnished, oil and wax in order to make the surface smoother, flat and clean. Sometimes, the new wooden boards or any parquet block requires re-fitting in order to refurbish the existing problems or entirely replaced in case the parts have been spoiled due to moisture percolation and continuous utilization of inappropriate fitted boards or any simply boards, which have excessively become old over the period of time.

Dust-Free Floor Sanding Is the Ultimate Solution

Sanding of wooden floors is considered as a dusty business. Hollands Dust Care System has completely changed the process with the three inventive components, where the first is fresh patented and the rest is two-step cyclonic intake system. Here, the ultra-high vacuum device is connected right with the sander, sucking up dusts before it gets the chance to escape inside the floor or onto the floor surface. The second component is a hospital-grade HEPA, which delivers air that is fully 99.99% clean and fresh. Finally, the last component is unique and anti static sanding abrasive. Not like traditional abrasives, the dust that gets generated is without making any static change. This makes the dust particles cling to surfaces and thus it is much easier to control.

With The Holland's Dust Care System Dust Doesn’t Get The Chance.

In case you are perplexed that sanding the wooden floor would include hours of cleaning up afterwards,then, its time not to get worried. Whenever you get your floor sanded in your building, the Hollands Dust Care System takes the dust that is generated on that spot. This means the electronics, bookshelves, furniture and curtains do not require covering ahead of sanding and cleaned afterwards.

Other Advice for Dust-Free Sanding:

The microscopic particles of dust that are produced by sanding can stay in the room for days after you have had your wooden floor sanded. Besides the mess, these particles causes irritation and allergies by polluting the indoor air quality and start affecting people, especially those who have problems with asthma and has respiratory disease. Therefore, do not take any chance when you have the best option of sanding your wood flooring.

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