Wood Flooring Underlay To Suit Your Floor

Wood Flooring underlay separates your wood floor from the subfloor. Wood flooring underlay is designed to prevent the transfer of heat variations and damp. Each underlay offers it's own benefits and issues. Here at Hollands.ie we have the the correct underlay for your floor. Contact us with the details of the sub floor and the board that you are interested in and we will prescribe the best underlay considering factors like budget, sub-floor level, moisture content, underfloor heating suitability and the fitting system of your floor. Uneven Sub-floors A 5 mm cork underlay will solve this issue. Its the preferred choice for architects and designers for subfloors in need of a quick turnaround. Solving the damp issue

A PE sheet combined with an underlay with a DPM will solve this issue. Keeping Your Room Warm An underlay with a high tog value Avoid sound transference between upstairs and downstairs

If you want to reduce the sound transference between upstairs and down stairs use an underlay with a sound decibel of 20bd and upwards.

Under Floor Heating That Is Suitable For Underfloor Heating Underfloor heating needs to be matched up with the correct underlay with a low tog value so that the heat is allowed to pass through the wood floor.