Wood Flooring Bevel Explained

The jointing gap between two wooden floors is called the bevel. There are three options a 4 way bevel which is a v groove around all four sides of the plank. A 2 way bevel which is a two way bevel along the long sides of the wood flooring plank and no bevel where the four sides of the plank all meet each other flush. A beveled board can highlight the natural beauty of each wood flooring plank almost acting as a frame. The bevel in a wood flooring board is available in various sizes large bevel, small bevel and strong bevel. No bevel wood flooring Smooth surfaced boards look clean and modern. They are also easy to clean. They will work in narrow and tight rooms. A two way beveled wood floor This bevel is on the long side of the wood flooring board. A four way bevel Is a bevel along all four sides of the board.