Parquet is an artistic wooden flooring style of distinct mosaic patterns, created using small blocks or tiles of solid wood which is laid in geometric or angular placement that forms this interesting design on the floor. The emergence of wooden parquet floors was first seen in the Palace of Versailles in France back in the 16th century, which inspired many architects, notably Daniel Cronström. Its striking beauty soon made parquet hardwood floors highly popular in building or renovating churches, auditoriums and formal public places. And set a new trend in Baroque Architecture. The legacy continues, with the modern, urban styles, and variety of patterns, styles and finishing. This kind of flooring is ideal for expansive spaces, and would be rather understated in compact, close spaces.

Mechanism Of Parquet Flooring

In the authentic configuration of solid hardwood parquetry, blocks or short planks are directly laid over the underlay, primarily using nails; glue is also quite commonly used. The tiles are secured with tongue and groove interlocking mechanism for a pact sealing. With modern ways of the flooring industry in Ireland, parquet flooring is widely explored with materials other than solid wood, which includes engineered wood, bamboo, even laminates and vinyl. Though all the mentioned alternates can create striking impression of wooden floors, solid hardwood continues to be the essential material. While oak and walnut are the primary species used till date, species like pine, beech, maple are not uncharted. For more intricate or artistic patterns, installers even lay each tile at a time. Hand detailing and installation is quite an expensive service, and can come with certain imperfections. Its installation requires more professional skill, than normal wooden planks. Different Patterns Of Parquet Wooden Floors Parquet flooring is available in geometric patterns, conventionally including herringbone, lozenge, trainable and squares. Nowadays, moons and stars other customized patterns are also explored. Spiral designs have gained huge popularity. It can also be laid in decking.

Ideal For Sport Areas And Gymnasiums

Parquet wood flooring and tiles are commonly used as sport flooring and at gyms. Its vibrant visual appeal is added with characteristics like ease of maintenance, longevity and better strength. In the meantime, you can count on wooden floors to push through the long term wear and tear, through practice sessions, tournaments and heavy traffic to have the best foot forward.

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