The Three Different Grades Of Wood Flooring

Engineered and solid wood flooring are available in three different grades. These grade of timber are Rustic wood flooring, middle grade wood flooring and select grade wood flooring. A select grade of wood flooring is more suitable for a contemporary space. Select wood flooring is more expensive because it is more scarce. The grain of a solid wood floor is much straighter. These grades are determined by the factory that are machining your timber. The grades of wood flooring come from the three different cuts of the three. The center of the tree makes up the prime grade of flooring. It is the densest part of the tree. It will produce a plank of flooring with no open knots. It will produce a plank of wood flooring that has total tone consistency. The next cut of flooring will come from the plank of flooring between the center of the tree and the outer part of the tree. This is known as the middle grade. There will be a wider grain and more tone variation. Some suppliers will classify this as a country grade of wood flooring. There will be knots and some tone variations between planks. Knots come from the branches in trees. The reason that the knots in a middle grade of wood flooring are smaller is due to the fact that this is the starting point for the branches. A rustic grade of timber flooring is cut from the outer part of the tree. It has a large amount of open knots and lots of tine variation. There will be vibrant detail and a large amount of texture in a rustic grade of wood flooring. If you are looking for a wood floor and you are on a budget a rustic grade of timber is something that you need to consider.