“If you can design one thing, you can design everything.”

– Massimo Vignelli

When choosing your dream wood flooring it is vital you feel you are apart of the design process, to ensure the final creation fulfills your aspirations. Wood flooring contains various types of core construction, various grades of wood and various finish options. We are here to guide you at every step of this design process. We offer bespoke and custom made wood flooring, straight from forest to floor. When choosing your wood floor it is vital to consider the colour, size or design. If you have a request we have the solution as maintaining the ‘bespoke’ feel is our ultimate goal. Every interior has an individual feel and your interior will be custom created to suit your style. We supply high quality hardwood flooring in a wide range of species, grades and sizes. Our main focus is maintaining the natural shape and movement of the tree you select. Enhancements can then be added. Choosing the type of wood – Solid Wood Flooring vs Engineered wood flooring. Both types are similar i price and final aesthetics however certain variations exist so it is important to consider. Solid floorboards are made from 100% natural wood and allows for a lengthy service life. However these floorboards are unsuitable to fit with floor heating and in humid areas. It is important to be aware that natural wood expands in the face of warm temperatures and contracts in the face of cold temperatures. therefore natural solid wood flooring can be damaged by certain environmental conditions. Engineered floorboards are made from layers of MDF, Plywood and Softwood glued together to create one plank of wood flooring. The top visible layer is made from solid wood in thickness of 3mm to 6mm. It therefore incorporates natural wood and artificial materials. In this case the service life is shorter and you are limited to the amount of times you can sand this flooring. However, it is possible to fit an engineered floorboard with floor heating and it is also possible to use the flooring with high This limit will be based on the thickness of the top solid layer which can contain as little as 3mm solid wood or as much as 6mm solid wood. Remember, sanding removes 1mm layer in the process each and every time. Choosing the Grade of Wood – The aesthetic appearance of your floorboard depends on the grade of the wood. Grade does not refer to the quality of the wood but instead the beauty of the final floorboard. Wood grade includes Sapwood (the youngest and outermost layers on the tree) and Knots (the circular discolourations that occur in the inner tree trunk). The higher grades are cut from the middle of the log which leads to less Sapwood and Knots however some customer prefer the intricateness these can offer visually. There is Prime grade (cut from the middle of the tree), Select grade (wood cut from the second ring from the middle of the tree), Natural grade (will feature some sapwood and knots) and Rustic grade (will feature sapwood and knots more predominately). Choosing the Finish – Finally the wood floor will be finished with either oil or lacquered base coatings. This not only preserves the wood but also enhances the colour and markings and offers basic protection. Considerations to your preference of a glossy or matter finish. Send us an enquiry on our Contacts page and we will be happy to help you create your unique wood floor. For more image inspiration please see our Gallery. We look forward to hearing from you, Hollands Wood Flooring Team. [/fusion_text]