The top tip list to make your solid wood floor stand up to the test of time

Here is a top tip list to protect your solid wood floor from the stresses of life and time. If you look after your wood floor correctly you will double the life of the floor.
Top Tip 1; Clean your wood floor regularly. This may be simple but it will help your wooden floor in the long run. Dust and detritus will scrape and damage the coating of your floor. Hoover and wipe your engineered or solid wood floor on a regular basis to avoid damage.

Top Tip 2; Ensure that your Solid Wood Flooring is never wet. Wipe up spillages immediately. With a moist mop. Top Tip 3; Be careful when moving heavy furniture on a solid wood floor. Top Wood Flooring Tip 4; Cut your pets nails and wear the correct footwear for your wood flooring. Top Wood Flooring Tip 5; Protect your wooden floor from UV light.

Top Wood Flooring Tip 6; Dealing with deep stains and spillages. Use a small amount of water. If the stain is too deep. We suggest contacting a sander.