Hardwood flooring is the traditional choice for residences and commercial buildings because of its solid reputation as a reliable flooring material. So, whether you’re planning to renovate your residential or commercial space floors and seeking some enlightenment as to your options, here's a few of the more remarkable and highly sought after, hardwood flooring products available for purchase. Bamboo Hardwood Floors Some hardwood flooring products rival the exquisite beauty, stability, and environmentally friendly nature of bamboo. Bamboo flooring is made by shaving bamboo clums, or stalks, into strips that are kiln dried and then glued together under high pressure. The result is bamboo "boards" that are full of the texture, color, and beauty that has come to signify bamboo hardwood products of all kinds. Bamboo is harder and more durable than oak, and because it is a grass rather than a tree it can be responsibly grown, harvested, and re-harvested on bamboo plantations for generations. An oak hardwood floor is responsible for wiping a tree from the earth forever. Bamboo, on the other hand, grows back time and time again just likes the grass in your lawn! 2   Distressed Hardwood Flooring Seeking and looking for a hardwood floor that is brand new but still has that century’s old look? Look no further. What you've been searching for is distressed hardwood flooring. This range of hardwood flooring is made from hardwood planks that have been "distressed" a.k.a. "beat up", by flooring manufacturers prior to installation in your home. Methods for distressing wood vary from industrial presses that roll "imperfections" into the wood as they move through an assembly line to custom artisans who beat on the planks with burlap bags full of nuts and bolts. Either way, you'll end up with a brand new hardwood floor that has the character of one that's been around for centuries. 3 Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring Hand scraped hardwood flooring is made of wood that has been worked by hand into flooring planks, with the irregular scrapes, planes, and textures to prove it. These floors add character and tradition to any room, and usually come in wider planks than milled flooring boards. Be sure that your new hardwood floor is really hand scraped before you buy, however, since there are companies out there who try to mimic the uniqueness of hand scraped flooring in an industrial setting. Hollands.ie Wood Flooring Experts are famous in Ireland for producing this style of flooring, and you won't find a better hand scraped flooring on the market, if you can afford the price. 4 Cherry Hardwood Flooring Cherry hardwood flooring is the last on the list, though it's possibly the most beautiful hardwood you'll ever encounter. It sports tight, flowing grains, and a beautiful reddish hue that deepens over time as the wood is exposed to sunlight. Add to that the fact that this range of hard wood is more than 10 times denser than oak flooring, and it's easy to see why this new hardwood flooring material rounds out our list of the remarkable hardwood flooring trends. If you're interested in hardwood flooring, contact us now about what you need to do to order and install one of these unique and inimitable hardwood floors for your home!