Nailing Down A Wooden Floor

When nailing down a wood floor ensure that you are confident that you are going to be able to do the work before you start. When nailing down a wood floor its important to start with the Sub Floor We suggest using marine ply of 6/8" thick when nailing down a wooden floor to a sub floor. This ply can be secured to the sub floor using masonry nails. When Nailing Down A Wood Floor You Need to Let the Timber Adjust The timber flooring must be left on site for 7 days to 3 weeks. Moisture Levels and Wood Flooring Always check the moisture level of the sub floor. You can use a moisture barrier to prevent moisture transfer. We suggest a bitchimen paper. When Installing a Wood Floor Lay out the boards. Consider a waste factor of 5% Use a carpenters pencil when installing. Keep a box for repairs. Touch up with filler or color sticks. Before nailing your hardwood flooring into place its important to run test nails into the boards.