Keeping an oiled wood flooring looking fantastic

Post fitting here are the top tips that you need to follow to ensure that your oiled wood floor is kept in prime wood flooring condition. Tip 1; Clean the oiled wood floor after installation. This will help remove any builders dirt and dust. Use of an oiled soap from the same manufacturer that produced the floor is suggested. Tip 2; Hoover and sweep the oiled floor to avoid the damage caused by household dirt and dust. Tip 3; If your floor is damaged and extremely dirty it needs to be intensively cleaned. You can use a wire brush or a buffer to remove dust or dirtt settled into the pours of the timber. Tip 4; Always shake the maintenance oil or wood flooring cleaner before use.  You will need two buckets one for clean water one for the wood floor cleaning solution. Use a 1/40 mix of cleaner. Clean the mop before use on the floor. Soaps and protective oils need to settle before being washed again. Tip 5; Top up your oiled wood flooring on a regular basis. Once every year an average floor will need to be re-oiled. Top tips when re-oiling a wooden floor; Tip 1; Clean the wood floor with an intensive cleaner. Apply a layer of oil cleaner until the surface of the floor is silky smooth. Don't let the oil pool on the wood flooring surface.  You can walk on your wood flooring in about 5 hours after the oil has been applied you can clean the wood floor after 24 hours of the re-oiling.