Keep Your Oak Floor Looking Great

Wood flooring looks great in any home but it is most important to keep it looking great. You need to maintain any wood floor in a regular basis. There are a few factors that need to be accounted for with wood flooring. Some simple wood flooring rules that everyone can follow. Hoover and Sweep Its not fancy but if you sweep your floor on a regular basis. Use a soft brush and the correct hoover setting. Don't Wet Your Hardwood Floor The aim here is to keep your floor as dry as possible. A little moisture is fine but over exposing the floor to moisture will cause issues. Protect the wooden floor from heavy furniture Coasters under the legs of tables chairs and heavy furniture will protect your floor from damage. Also lift don't drag when moving furniture across your wooden flooring Sunlight and Your Wood Floor UV light is beautiful. We don't get enough of it in Ireland. However UV light is not your wood floors friend. If the floor is over exposes to UV light it will suffer from discoloration. We suggest using curtains and regular maintenance of your floor with the correct products to protect your wooden flooring from UV light.