Click system combines the beauty of wood flooring with the installation benefits of a laminate wood floor. The following steps will help you install your click system engineered wood floor and save you money. Step 1; Acclimatize your wood floor. We suggest taking the maximum time possible of 7 days before installing your engineered wood flooring in your Irish home. Place the boards in the room they are going to be installed in also remove the wood flooring boards from the packs and allow them to breath. Step 2; Sub-floor preparation is one of the most important aspects to consider. Your sub floor will need to be free of dirt. It will need to be leveled and the moisture level will need to be correct to take the engineered wood flooring. As a rough guide we suggest no more than a 4 mm deviation from level over a 2 meter plane. The moisture level of your subfloor is one of the most important factors to ensuring that your engineered wood floor is installed properly. Follow all screed guidelines and use a moisture meter to test the moisture level of the subfloor. All sub floor irregularities will be transferred through to the wood floor. Step 4; Choosing the correct underlay. Underlay acts as a damp barrier, underlay can make up for undulations in the subfloor, and underlay can help to improve the sound variations.  Contact Dylan Holland email and we can prescribe the correct underlay for you. Step 5; The correct tools for the job you will need a saw, mallet, measuring tape, a market/wood pencil, square and a wood flooring installation pack. Step 7; Consider the direction that you are going to run your floor. We prefer to run the floor from the strongest light source to the next strongest light source we also suggest running the floor the same direction through out the house. Step 8; Spread the underlay in the opposite direction to which you are running the floor.Tape the seems. Step 9; Fit the first plank in the corner make sure that you allow for a gap use the spacers here. Start with the tongue of the floor facing out. Step 10; Use a tapping block of a soft wood or a soft plastic to install the next board. Step 11; When you reach the wall cut the last board allow for an expansion gap. Step 12; Make sure that this plank is tight and correctly fitted. The first planks are your most important planks. Step 13; This is the satisfying part of installing a wood floor. Use the off cuts to start the next line. Make sure that the boards have clicked into place and continue to fit the floor. Step 14; Keep going using a tapping block and making sure that all boards are correctly clicked into place. Step 15; Finish off the floor with skirting boards or Scotia.   Take your time and don't be afraid to cut twice.