How To Preserve And Maintain Your Solid or Engineered Wood Flooring in Ireland

We have put together some top tips to keep your wood floor looking great; Wood flooring maintenance top tip number 1; Keep your engineered wood floor as dry as possible. Don't use a damp mop always clean up after any spillages. Top wood flooring preservation tip 2; Scratches, scrapes, bumps and bruises. Wood flooring is a natural product it will age with time. High heels will damage the floor. Dust can scrape the floor. Keep them as clean as possible and keep stylish women warned. Vacume the floor as much as possible. Top tip 3; Sanding the floor. If the damage builds up the floor can be sanded. Top tip 4;
Spills and Stains remove them quickly and you will be fine. Use a varnish cleaner if your floor is varnished.  Or use a specific oil cleaner if the wood floor is oiled. If engineered or solid hardwood flooring is maintained properly.