Choosing a Hardwood Flooring color requires you to take the vibe of the entire room into consideration. One of the biggest things is that the hardwood floor goes with your overall interior design pallet but one of the easiest ways to start is to pick one of your large architecture features in the home whether it be the stone on your fireplace or the color of your kitchen cabinets and find the color that complements that large element. One of the subtle things that you can do in choosing the color of your wood floor is by changing the finish that you use on the top of the wood. For example, we have an oil base finish hardwood and the other one is water-based finished hardwood and as you know that the oil-based finish hardwood lends a very golden amber tone to the wood which would have been used in a lot of your traditional architectural styles.And the latter hardwood is water-based finished, and this can maintain the original color of the timber, this is used in much more organic natural styles of interior design. An oiled floor will have more of a natural tone. A varnished or lacquered floor will have much more of a glossy tone. The other thing to consider when choosing the color of your wood floor is color variation versus color consistency. We can have the same wood, for example, we can have both Hickory, the first one would be just naturally finished with an oil and can have quite a bit of color variation in it and the other wood would have an offense stains to minimize the color variation and create a more monochromatic look to the design, this stained piece would be a more appropriate for traditional styles of architecture while the first one is more appropriate for modern contemporary styles. One other things to keep in mind is that through the use of stain, there are really no limit to your color choice. Lighter colors are typically good for smaller spaces where you wanted to create a more light airy feel, more beach style designs, more organic feel to the interior space. Where the darker colors are going to work better if you have a lot more natural light in the room and are typically seen in more traditional styles of architecture. Keep in mind that between the finishes and the stains there’s an endless number of combinations that you can make in your hardwood floor.