How to adjust your Wood Floor to your homes humidity?


Wood is a life product and when dealing with a live natural product there are many factors to consider temperature, moisture and humidity the varying scales of these factors will cause your floor to expand and contract. Wood needs to adjust to these factors in your home. By allowing the wood flooring the time to adjust to your homes settings.  This will prevent many of the misunderstood issues that people face after installation. Always check the moisture content of the hardwood flooring before installation. It is best to let a floor adjust for a period of two weeks.

With a lamiante floor you will need to leave the timber on site for two days. Its important not to damage a floor before installation. Store the floor where it will be installed. Store the boards on the ground. Ensure that the boards aren't stacked too high as to cause an accident. Mind your back. Check the temperature of the site. Replicate the normal temperature of the room.  Room tempature and humidity needs to be measured prior to installation.Weather conditions in Ireland it rains alot and it can be very humid. Your floor will respond to these conditions.