How to clean the wood floors of my house? Will just mopping the wooden floors be the correct way? How can I wipe it without affecting it? These are some of the questions, which we face every single day. Although the internet is full of answers, we are still unsure when it comes to hardwood cleaning.

Hardwood cleaning is not as difficult as it looks. By going through this blog, you will get an idea as to how to clean wooden planks. Below listed are some of the basic steps to a spick and span floor:

1) Clean Spills Right Away

Hardwood floors are not as impervious as it appears. With spills, the top coat of your floors might be ruined. So, avoid spilling certain substances like mustard or milk, to ensure a polished surface. Your pet’s urine is also damaging so either house-train them or pick up after the accidents.

2) Choose The Correct Cleaning Products

Timber flooring is costly and you would never want to experiment on them, right? Consult a hardwood floor specialist before adding a layer of polish on it. Only a correct cleansing product will prevent you from cleaning your planks repeatedly. Never worry when searching for a hardwood floor specialist in Ireland as Hollands.ie is the solution to your problems.

3) Get Rid of Debris Regularly

Solid oak flooring requires constant care. Never let your floors accumulate dirt as it can bring scratches to the floor’s exterior. This might be a plausible cause of dullness, and you might be thinking about the solution. It’s simple! You just have to sweep the floors after every 2-3 days and in the case of vacuum, lower it to the floor by making use of the hard surface machine setting. This will act as a better suction and take away all the dirt from the planks.

4) Mop the Floors Rightly

It is better to clean wood floors with a damp mop instead of a sopping one. Try adding cleaners that are rich in isopropyl alcohol, as it will quickly dry the bottoms. One can also prepare their own homemade remedy to do away with the greasy floors. To a gallon of water, add a capful of vinegar and mix it well to clean the shoe scuffs and marks. This home-based cleanser is safe as it cleans the wooden planks without leaving any scratches. A piece of advice for all homeowners is that never use a steam mop for cleaning the floorboards of your house. It might just ruin the beautiful satin or matt finish of your wooden floors.


Wooden flooring is something that does not need a lot of care and attention, but requires a correct cleaning approach, as it is well priced. You would never want to spend an additional amount on renovating it, will you? So adopt the right maintenance technique and restore its brand new look for years.