Fitting Your Solid Wood Flooring In Ireland

Step 1;

Make sure that your new solid wood floor is adjusted to the climate of your home.  We suggest leaving it in situ for 7 days. Step 2; Make sure that the sub floor is level and clean. Step 3; Ensure that you are applying the correct technique for your sub floor. It is ok to glue a solid wood floor directly to either a concrete surface or to a ply surface. If there is no under floor heating. If there is underfloor heating and you are looking to install the floor yourself we suggest considering a engineered wood floor. Step 4 Moisture level of the sub floor. Different substrates are will require different scales always ensure that you are taking the correct readings. If you cannot wait for the moisture level to dry out we suggest using a dpm or damp proof membrane.
Step 5 Leveling the sub floor. The more level the sub floor the easier it will be to fit the floor and the better the floor will perform. Step 6 Clean the floor. Step 7;

Fitting on batons. When fitting on batons we suggest using a ply base. Step 8; Glue your boards into position. Find the center line of the room and glue a line so that the floor runs symmetrically or start at the wall and work your way back. Ensure boards are fitted tightly and wipe away any glue along the way. Always leave room for expansion. With a solid wood floor leave a gap in doorways. The more room for expansion that you leave when fitting the floor yourself the better. If you are planning on glueing down a herringbone or chevron floor. The main thing to remember is to find the center line of the room. Set one line let it settle and continue as normal. The first few boards are very important here so make sure that you take your time. Also be careful when using the mallet.

Nailing down your solid wood floor; Always nail into plywood around a half an inch thick. Make sure that the ply is level. Make sure that the ply is solidly nailed into place this will avoid any unwanted sounds from the floor. If you want to use a sound membrane foam it is advisable for the maximum benefit.  Use a nail gun when nailing your solid wood floor into place. Leave a 10mm expansion gap. Always review the guide provided in each pack before fitting. If you don't feel comfortable fitting the floor yourself we suggest getting a professional to help .