Engineered Wooden Flooring In Ireland

Engineered wood flooring has all the benefits of solid wood flooring in terms of texture and look but it also has the added bonus of being structurally sounder than a solid floor. It is suitable for all rooms in your Irish home. How is an Engineered Wood Floor made; Engineered wood flooring has a real hardwood top layer and a multi layer of ply underneath. It will either have a click joint or a tongue and groove joint.  Layering of the timber will add strength. An engineered wood floor will be better able to deal with the stresses and strains of moisture and temperature changes.Engineered wood flooring is the ideal DIY product if you follow the fitting instructions provided in the pack.  Click floors are designed to either floated on underlay or to be glued directly to the sub-floor. If you are looking to fit an engineered wood floor with nails we suggest going with a tongue and groove system and using boards of 18 mm and over. Engineered boards can be made using MDF, HDF or a multi layer of ply as the core. We suggest that you leave engineered floor boards in your Irish home for 8 days before installation. Engineered boards will move less than a solid board however they will still move a generous settling period is best. A Click System; With a click system the installation couldn't be easier. It is like placing a key in a lock. The board will guide you to fit it correctly. It is ideal for a DIY project. Engineered wood flooring appearance is the exact same as a solid wood floor when its fitted. The look of an engineered wood floor is defendant on the grade, finish, texture and board dimensions.  You will save money on engineered wood flooring because you will use less expensive hard wood. You can spend this money save on a wider more stable plank with a better quality finish. Engineered flooring will last as long as a solid floor if maintained correctly. A 6 mm wear layer will last more than a life time in a domestic situation. With an oiled board if it is maintained correctly it will also last a life time. Engineered wood floors are suitable for all rooms of a home when maintained correctly. Engineered wood floors will perform better with underfloor heating.