Cladding Your Stairs In Hardwood Wood Flooring

Wood flooring looks great on stairs. It is piratical and classy. It requires skill and patience to install. A professional wood flooring installer can be provided or you can if you are DIY inclined install a wood floor yourself. You will need a pliers, sander, spirit level, straight line, saws jig and circular, wood flooring mallet and nails. Preparing the steps of your stairs for wood flooring. Remove the preexisting cover. Clean and sand your steps. Any remaining dirt needs to be removed to prevent poor sound transference. Check and correct the levels of the stairs.
Fitting The Stairs. Measure and cut the nosing to the correct length. Start by fitting at the bottom of the stairs and wood the wood flooring up. Measure the first riser apply adhesive to hold the board in place. The tongue needs to be facing up towards the ceiling. Hammer three nails along the bottom of the board to add extra hold. Place adhesive on the next board and tap it into place. When cladding a stairs in hard wood there are two factors that are important. Firstly take your time. Secondly cut accurately.